Information & Rules

Information & Rules


  • Prices include 14% Vat.

  • Cash Bar available – No alcohol may be brought onto the premises, except when self-catering units are booked.

  • All activities & meals must be booked in advance.

  • Day visitors can book in advance, and are welcome between 7h00 & 18h00 only.

  • Overnight visitors can occupy the facility after 11h00 on the day of their arrival, and must vacate the room/unit before 10h00 on the day of their departure.

  • Lodge guests will have the lodge with TV, Videos, DSTV & Snooker (Billiards) available for relaxation, as well as free coffee & tea, whenever they feel like a cup of our hospitality.

  • No furniture of any kind may be moved around in any room/unit during your stay.

  • Any food preferences (allergies, halaal, vegetarian etc) must be brought under our attention at least 1 week beforehand. South African cuisine (mainly venison) is served, but for guests who are not so keen on venison, more traditional meats can also be served. Meals are prepared in accordance with any special requests from our guests.

  • Bookings are only confirmed once proof of your “deposit” payment is received. The onus is on you to fax/e-mail your proof of payment through to “Morakane Safari Lodge”. If you cancel 3 months prior to your booking, your full deposit will be refunded. If you cancel 2 months prior to your booking, 50% of your deposit will be refunded, but after this, no deposit will be refundable.

  • Balance payable before your departure.

  • Confirm your time of arrival with us at least 1 day beforehand.

  • Firewood & firelighters will be supplied to guests at no cost, for use at the designated “braai” facilities.

  • If you make any fires (only permitted at designated “braai” facilities), please be sure to extinguish it properly, by pouring water over any coals that may be left. Fire is a very real danger!

  • Please do not walk alone in the bush. Puff Adder & Cape Cobra snakes are common in the area and very poisonous!

  • Please be sure to put out any cigarette buds completely, in the pots with sand in, provided for this purpose.

  • All guests must tend to their own children, and will be held responsible for any misbehaviour or damage done by their child/children. Parents must be aware of their children’s whereabouts at all times.

  • No child or person other than a hunter, are permitted near the slaughter house, and must be accompanied by a Morakane employee.

  • If anything in the camp is removed (linen, glasses, etc.) it will be viewed as theft.

  • Any person who misbehaves or breaks the rules, will be asked to leave. The full amount for accommodation, as booked, and drinks, will still be payable, as well as any game shot.

  • No driving around on the farm in any private vehicle is allowed, at any time of the night or day. Only Morakane staff are permitted to drive any vehicle that belongs to the lodge.

  • A safe is available for secure storage of any valuables & firearms.

  • Any tips that you wish to give to any staff members, must be handed to the owner/management, who will then fairly divide it between all who helped to make your stay a memorable occasion. Any tips that you wish to give to the professional hunter or management should be handed to that person personally.

  • The owner/management of Morakane Safari Lodge, will not be held responsible for any kind of damage, loss or injury, of any kind, to any persons, which may occur during your stay of our lodge. All persons enter the farm at their own risk.


  • All Self-catering units are fully equipped with everything you might need, including bedding. You only need to bring your clothes, toiletries, towels & food (wood & firelighters are supplied).

  • A cash only breakage deposit per unit is required on your arrival. This amount will be handed back to you on your departure, if no breakage or damage occurred. If you depart without your unit being inspected, or without asking for your deposit, the deposit will be forfeited by yourself, and will be used for either a year end function for the staff, or as a bonus at the end of the year.

  • Morakane staff will once daily make your beds, clean your bathroom, sweep your floors & twice daily do your dishes.

  • Self-catering guests can make use of our bar & lodge facilities by appointment only.

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