Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • No special vaccinations or inoculations are required coming into South Africa. We are situated in a malaria free environment, but we recommend that clients take anti-malaria prophylactics in the event of touring other areas.

  • Medical services and doctors are within easy reach in the surrounding towns near Morakane Safari Lodge. Basic first aid kits are available at the lodge and in the 4×4 vehicles for minor injuries.

  • Morakane Safari Lodge makes use of borehole water that is perfectly safe to drink. Some visitors prefer to drink local bottled water, or imported mineral waters that are readily available.

  • The African sun can be dangerous, thus we recommend that you use a good sun block and wear a hat for some protection from the dangerous UV rays of the sun (even in winter time), and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

  • Summer is from October through March, with the temperatures ranging from 10 degrees centigrade at night, to 36 degrees centigrade during the day. The hottest months being November to February.

  • Winter is from April through September, with the temperatures ranging from -2 degrees centigrade at night, to 28 degrees centigrade during the day. The coldest months being May to August.

  • Hunting takes place throughout the year, but mostly during the winter months (May through August) as it gets very hot in the summer and are very unpleasant to most.

  • Clothing should be as comfortable as possible, and one should remember that the temperature between night and day can differ drastically at times ( even in summer or winter). Always bring something warm for the early mornings and late afternoons (even in summer). Probably the most important is comfortable shoes and a hat, especially for hunting and hiking. For hunting we recommend that you wear light and non-reflecting colours. Always remember that you should probably dress in a manner that you can undress bit by bit as the day temperature rises. Keep in mind that we have a laundry service and therefore excess clothing is not necessary.

  • We are firm believers that any gratuities (tips) you wish to give to the staff members should only be paid for satisfactory service. All tips that you wish to give to any staff members, must be handed to the owner/management, who will then fairly divide it between all who helped to make your stay a memorable occasion. Any tips you wish to give to the professional hunter or management should be handed to that person personally.

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