Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • No special vaccinations or inoculations are required coming into South Africa. We are situated in a malaria free environment, but we recommend that clients take anti-malaria prophylactics in the event of touring other areas.

  • Medical services and doctors are within easy reach in the surrounding towns near Morakane Safari Lodge. Basic first aid kits are available at the lodge and in the 4×4 vehicles for minor injuries.

  • Morakane Safari Lodge makes use of borehole water that is perfectly safe to drink. Some visitors prefer to drink local bottled water, or imported mineral waters that are readily available.

  • The African sun can be dangerous, thus we recommend that you use a good sun block and wear a hat for some protection from the dangerous UV rays of the sun (even in winter time), and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

  • Summer is from October through March, with the temperatures ranging from 10 degrees centigrade at night, to 36 degrees centigrade during the day. The hottest months being November to February.

  • Winter is from April through September, with the temperatures ranging from -2 degrees centigrade at night, to 28 degrees centigrade during the day. The coldest months being May to August.

  • Hunting takes place throughout the year, but mostly during the winter months (May through August) as it gets very hot in the summer and are very unpleasant to most.

  • Clothing should be as comfortable as possible, and one should remember that the temperature between night and day can differ drastically at times ( even in summer or winter). Always bring something warm for the early mornings and late afternoons (even in summer). Probably the most important is comfortable shoes and a hat, especially for hunting and hiking. For hunting we recommend that you wear light and non-reflecting colours. Always remember that you should probably dress in a manner that you can undress bit by bit as the day temperature rises. Keep in mind that we have a laundry service and therefore excess clothing is not necessary.

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