Activities & Meals


The braai/boma area and swimming pool are available for use to any of our guests.
We offer a “picnic in the bush” for a private and relaxing outing in nature, with nothing else than that special person by your side.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Snooker / Billiards
  • Boma / Braai
  • Picnic in the Bush
  • Game Drives
  • Quad Bikes
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Bird Watching
  • Bush Walks
  • Hunting


Cash bar available – No alcohol may be brought onto the premises, except when self-catering units are booked.

All lodge guests can choose from overnight only, or overnight with breakfast the next morning included.

Lodge guests must book lunch and/or dinner in advance at an additional cost.

Self-catering guests can also book meals or side dishes from our kitchen in advance at an additional cost.

South African cuisine (mainly venison) is served, but for guests who are not so keen on venison, more traditional meats can also be served.

Meals are prepared in accordance with any special requests from our guests.

Any food preferences (allergies, halaal, vegetarian etcetera) must be brought under our attention at least one week before your arrival.


Day visitors are only allowed if one of our activities, or one of the options from “Meals” are booked. 
Day visitors must book in advance, and are welcome between 7h00 and 18h00 only.

  • Braai & Swimming facilities (Applicable only to Day Visitors): 

R70 per adult & R50 per child per day,

but you must choose one of our other activities, or one

of the suggestions from “Meals” as well!

  • Picnic in the Bush: 

R80 per person,

but you must choose one of the suggestions in group 4 from “Meals”,

and we will make your day special!

  • Game Drive (+/- 3 hours): 

R80 per person

Maximum 10 persons per drive – Children under 2 Free

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting: 

R150 per person

10 Clay Pigeons free – Thereafter R5 per clay

Please bring your own shotgun & ammunition

  • Quad Bikes: 

R100 per person per hour (minimum)

Guided route – No private Quads

  • Bird watching: 

R130 per person

Guided route (Make sure to have enough water)

  • Bush Walks: 

R130 per person

Guided Bush Walk (Make sure to have enough water)

  • Hunting expeditions (Applicable only to Day Visitors): 

R150 per person – Hunters & Non Hunters (Any age).

Day tariffs include vehicle costs, guide, skinning fees & cold room use.

Please be sure to read our “Information & Rules”.

Day visitors are welcome between 7h00 & 18h00 only.

No private vehicles or personnel allowed.

Any game left at our cold room after your departure,

will be charged at R150 per day, regardless of quantity of carcasses.

p.a – per adult  /  p.c – per child under 12 years  /  p.p – per person (any age)  /  p.n – per night


Coffee / Tea & Rusk’s & Cookies R15 p.p
Coffee / Tea / Fruit Juice & Sandwiches R35 p.p
Breakfast – Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Toast, Chips R75 p.a R35 p.c
Light Meal – 1 meat & 3 side dishes R100 p.a R50 p.c
Main Meal – 2 meats & 4 side dishes R160 p.a R80 p.c
Please take note that the above are examples
Main Meal & Dessert R200 p.a R100 p.c
Main Meal, Dessert & Starters R240 p.a R120 p.c
Any meal with a soft drink extra R15 p.p
Salad R20 p.a R10 p.c
Homemade Bread R10 p.p R5 p.c
Bread rolls R5 p.p
Morakane “Bietjie” Platter R70 p.p
Morakane “Bederf” Platter R100 p.p
Champagne R70 per bottle
Something for a dry throat – available from the Bar at Bar Prices
Bring your own meat to braai & we supply one of the following:
Pap & Sauce R30 p.a R15 p.c
Pap, Sauce & Bread rolls R35 p.a R17 p.c
Pap, Sauce & Homemade Bread R40 p.a R20 p.c
2 Salads & Bread rolls R45 p.a R22 p.c
2 Salads & Homemade Bread R50 p.a R25 p.c
Pap, Sauce & 2 Salads R70 p.a R35 p.c
Pap, Sauce, 2 Salads & Bread rolls R75 p.a R37 p.c
Pap, Sauce, 2 Salads & Homemade Bread R80 p.a R40 p.c
We supply you with 3 sorts of meat & one of the following:
Pap, Sauce & Meat R150 p.a R75 p.c
Pap, Sauce, Bread rolls & Meat R155 p.a R77 p.c
Pap, Sauce, Homemade Bread & Meat R160 p.a R80 p.c
2 Salads, Bread rolls & Meat R165 p.a R82 p.c
2 Salads, Homemade Bread & Meat R170 p.a R85 p.c
Pap, Sauce, 2 Salads & Meat R190 p.a R95 p.c
Pap, Sauce, 2 Salads, Bread rolls & Meat R195 p.a R97 p.c
Pap, Sauce, 2 Salads, Homemade Bread & Meat R200 p.a R100 p.c


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